Aluminum Industry

STB-1 Sr-90 Beta Gauge 300mCi

Beta Thickness Gauge

STXR-10 X-Ray Thickness Gauge

Universal Light Gauge X-ray

The STXR-10 X-ray is a new X-ray sensor for a wide variety of aluminum sheet products as well as light-gauge steel, stainless, copper, and brass. STXR-10 is a compact and light-weight modular sensor. It is mechanically identical to our STXR-1 foil gauge - It differs from the STXR-1 only in its tuning and application.

STXR-3 X-Ray Thickness Gauge

Mid-Range Aluminum X-ray Gauge


STXR-2 X-Ray Thickness Gauge

Light Aluminum X-ray Gauge


SenTek 1000 System

Our 1000 System is a full-featured electronics platform assembly for gauges, scanners, data logging, and automation projects.

SenTek 500 System

Our 500 System is a scaled-down version of our 1000 system with fewer components, smaller size, and substantially lower cost.

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