Thickness Gauges

SenTek 535 Thickness Gauge

Compact Universal X-ray Gauge System

STG-1 Am-241 Gamma Gauge 1000mCi

Gamma Thickness Gauge

For the latest design of the gamma gauge system, SenTek listened to shift electricians, millwrights, and control engineers to provide gamma gauges that offer easier service, faster measurement, and lower no

STB-3 Sr-90 Beta Gauge (300 or 400mCi)

Beta Light Gauge

STB-2 Sr-90 Beta Gauge 400mCi

Beta Thickness Gauge

STB-1 Sr-90 Beta Gauge 300mCi

Beta Thickness Gauge

STXR-10 X-Ray Thickness Gauge

Universal Light Gauge X-ray

The STXR-10 X-ray is a new X-ray sensor for a wide variety of aluminum sheet products as well as light-gauge steel, stainless, copper, and brass. STXR-10 is a compact and light-weight modular sensor. It is mechanically identical to our STXR-1 foil gauge - It differs from the STXR-1 only in its tuning and application.

STXR-4 X-ray Thickness Gauge

Steel & Stainless X-ray Gauge


STXR-3 X-Ray Thickness Gauge

Mid-Range Aluminum X-ray Gauge


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