Additional Parts and Components

Additional System Components and Parts

SenTek Shutter and Flag Repair

System Components and Parts

Isotope Gauge Shutter Repairs, Rebuilds, and Spare Parts: SenTek repairs and refurbishes shutter mechanisms for new and old isotope gauges.

SenTek Universal Electrometer

System Components and Parts

Ionization Chambers

System Components and Parts

Isotope Sources

System Components and Parts

SenTek Sealed Isotope Sources for New and Old Gauges: SenTek provides new and replacement isotope sources for beta and gamma thickness gauges.

X-ray Sources

System Components and Replacement Parts

SenTek's entire product line of X-ray sensors, gauges, and systems are built around just two X-ray source products. This versatility translates to lower cost and fewer spare parts for our customers to purchase and keep track of.

Both of these X-ray sources are compact enough to fit in many older, existing gauges. SenTek provides a wide range of retrofit kits and mounting brackets for older gauges from many different manufacturers. Contact us and ask for details!

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