STXR-1 Foil X-Ray Thickness Gauge

Foil X-ray Thickness Gauge

The STXR-1 X-ray is a low-kV soft X-ray sensor for aluminum foil, food packaging, and light-gauge flat sheet applications. It is a compact, modular sensor with fewer components than many previous generations of light-gauge X-rays. It is mechanically identical to our STXR-10 Universal Light Gauge (for heavier metals) - It differs from the STXR-10 only in its tuning and application.

The STXR-1 foil thickness gauge can be mated with either the SenTek SenTek 1000 or the SenTek 500 Gauge Electronics Platforms for a complete and competent gauging system.
Compact X-ray Source: Our STXR-1 X-ray source assembly is a compact assembly with a unique air vent/air flow arrangement. With low-volume forced-air cooling, the STXR-1 will operate comfortably in ambient temperatures of 80 to 90 degrees C and beyond. For new gauge installations, the very small size of the STXR-1 permits it to be installed in low-profile, narrow housings and C-frames.

Thermal Stability and Conditioning:  All of SenTek's gauge sensors, including the STXR-1 and STXR-10, can be equipped with external, hardened thermistors for air gap temperature monitoring. They can also be equipped with heated air wipes and air columns for even greater thermal stability.


Low-profile applications

Thermal Conditioning