Additional Parts and Components

Additional System Components and Parts

Industrial PCs and PCI signal processor boards: New and Re-built Industrial PCs with LabVIEW applications, High-speed, multi-thread DSP cards for PCI slots, Digital and Analog PCI Data Acquisition.

Sensor Windows, Gaskets, O-rings, and Seals: Replacement windows and gaskets for new and old gauges. We also offer High-Strength Be windows and Viton Gaskets to upgrade harsh environment gauges for less downtime and fewer problems.

Head Heaters, Thermistors, Air and Water Temperature Sensors: We offer replacement ceramic fin heaters, new space-age kapton-film heaters with controllers for maximum themal stability, and a range of thermistors and temperature sensors for air and water.

Touch-Screen Monitors, HMI's, Cabinet Keyboard Shelf: We offer panel mounted NEMA 4 touchscreen monitors, desktop monitors, and Panel PC's for gauges and small automation systems. We also feature fold-out keyboard shelves in several sizes.