Ionization Chambers

System Components and Parts

Ionization Chambers for Gauges and Measurement Systems
SenTek Corporation offers a wide variety of ionization chambers for use with both x-ray and isotope gauges and measurement systems. Our ion chamber selection features both standard, off-the-shelf ion chambers as well as custom-made ion chambers for very specific measurement application. Many years of engineering and experience enables us to design and build ion chambers that can withstand the toughest environments.

New, Universal High-Speed Ionization Chambers: Our newest ionization chambers are universal energy compensated ion chambers that are characterized by very fast transition speeds, resulting in measurement time constants in the range of microseconds. These ion chambers are very small and compact compared to older generation ion chambers, and will fit in new and old gauge systems.
Extreme Vibration Countermeasures: SenTek offers anti-vibration kits for ion chambers in gauges that are troubled by vibration pickup and vibration frequencies. These kits can be applied to new and existing gauges alike.