Isotope Sources

System Components and Parts

SenTek Sealed Isotope Sources for New and Old Gauges: SenTek provides new and replacement isotope sources for beta and gamma thickness gauges. Our sources include Device Labels and Storage Cover/Shield. We currently offer two different isotopes in two different strengths each.
Sr-90 Sealed Source 300mCi / 11.1GBq: This source is normally provided as a replacement for older decayed Sr-90 beta sources.
Sr-90 Sealed Source 400mCi / 14.8GBq: This source is provided as an upgrade to older 70mCi and 300mCi Sr-90 sources, as well as a high-signal source for new beta gauge installations. The stronger source provides a better signal-to-noise ratio, resulting a 25% reduction in gauge statistical noise. The stronger signal also allows a faster measurement that can breathe new life into an old beta gauge with substantial cost savings over a complete gauge replacement.
Am-241 Sealed Source 1000mCi / 37GBq: This source is normally provided as a low-intensity source for gamma gauges used for inspection lines, slitters, and crop shears where the overall signal-to-noise and measurement speed is less critical.
Am-241 Sealed Source 3000mCi / 111GBq: The higher-intensity Am-241 source is often provided with gauges used for rolling mill gauge control. The stronger signal provides a substantially lower signal-to-noise ratio and allows a much faster measurement speed. This source is also provided as an upgrade to certain 1000mCi Am-241 sources when a better signal-to-noise ratio is desired, or a faster measurement is required.
Sealed Source and Radiation Services
Along with our sealed sources, SenTek provides a wide range of radiological and radiation protection services for sealed sources and gauge devices.