SenTek Universal Electrometer

System Components and Parts

SenTek Corporation offers a universal electrometer pre-amplifier for all X-ray and isotope gauges and scanners using ion chamber detectors. The new electrometer includes the ion chamber high-voltage bias supply.

The SenTek Electrometer is fully compatible with current and older ion chambers and can be used as a direct replacement for many types of older pre-amplifier designs. The new design adds temperature measurement and multiple automatic diagnostic features.
Universal Programmable Design - One Part, One Spare!
SenTek's Electrometer is user configurable for all the Hi-Meg and Time Constant values commonly used in ion chamber gauge and scanner systems. One single part will replace a wide range of older electrometers. Just one spare part to keep in stock!

Extreme Anti-Vibration Construction
With screw-lock connectors and a proprietary epoxy fill that locks every component in place, the SenTek Electrometer performs through harsh conditions. While older designs would pick up and amplify vibrations and mechanical resonance, the SenTek Electrometer tolerates shock and vibration without the slightest change in output signal.