STXR-2 X-Ray Thickness Gauge

Light Aluminum X-ray Gauge


SenTek's STXR-2 X-ray gauge is primarily used in the aluminum industry as a high-speed, low-noise control gauge for light-gauge aluminum. It can also be used as a high-end monitoring and inspection gauge to find fast, repetitive thickness variations in the strip that ordinary gauges cannot see, such as third-octave mill chatter and roll marks.

The STXR-2 thickness gauge can be mated with either the SenTek 1000 or the SenTek 500 Gauge Electronics Platforms for a complete and competent gauging system.

X-ray Alloy Chemistry Compensation: SenTek offers an advanced alloy chemistry and structure factor model for our X-ray gauges to enhance the gauge accuracy.

Gauge Signal Spectrum Analyzer: As an optional feature, SenTek offers a built-in Spectrum Analyzer with our gauge software for our high-speed X-ray gauges to make it easier for mill operators and engineers to find and document repetitive thickness variations.
The Spectrum Analyzer can be further combined with a vibration Accelerometer to sort out vibration-induced gauge errors in the rolling mill.

Additional Features:

  • SenTek's X-ray sensors can be built in a narrow-set, low-profile version that saves space and fits into tighter spaces than ordinary gauges.
  • Our X-ray sensors can be combined with isotope sensors in a dual-gauge configuration for increased accuracy and flexibility.

Low-profile applications

Dual-Guage Configuration